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Bamboo Dental Floss

Bamboo Dental Floss

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Bamboo dental floss is made with bamboo fibers, a sustainable alternative


For those of us on the traditional pro-flossing side who are also trying to live a life of less waste should absolutely aim to use a zero waste floss, a sustainable alternative

Dental floss “picks” that people buy for less than $3 that are completely plastic – if an animal were to eat one of these picks, they may become sick or even die. These picks will also take over five hundred years to decompose.  Regular floss is almost always made of waxed nylon.  Nylon is a fibre-forming substance that is made from synthetic polyamide – basically a type of plastic. The wax coating on the dental floss helps it slide between your teeth more easily.

You cannot recycle nylon, and it is NOT biodegradable, making it a non-friendly substance to the environment and animals.

Furthermore, dental floss is incredibly difficult to tear or break without the proper tools – Often, animals will get tangled or wrapped in dental floss in the wild, especially in the ocean. This can actually kill many of them and does tear their skin or flesh if not cut away immediately.

  • Plant Based Dental Floss

  • 100% Vegan

  • Refillable in a Glass Vial

  • Plastic-Free Packaging


Main ingredients for Glass Cleaning Tablet
1. Lauryl Glucoside
2. Decyl Glucoside
3. Sodium Salicylate
4. Citric Acid
5. Sodium Benzoate
6. Fragrance Free

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Our products are packed in eco-friendly packaging, and in most cases is compostable.

With each order we contribute to GreenPark to the extent that your packing and shipping is carbon neutral.

Product Care Instructions

The vast majority of our product are biodegradable, as such we advise that you keep the laundry sheets, soap and cleaning tablets in an airtight container, to avoid premature breakdown.

For nappies and bamboo products store in a cool area, not outside in damp or humid areas.

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